Lake County Commissioners’ Meeting Dates

We invite you to come and experience a Lake County Commissioners’ Meeting.

It is on the 4th floor of the Lake County Administration Building, 105 Main Street, Painesville, Ohio  44077  Telephone: (440) 350-2745 , or 1 (800) 899-LAKE ext. 2745.

Meeting Dates for November & December 2017
Thursday  11/2  10:00 am
Thursday  11/9    9:00 am
Wednesday  11/15  10:00 am
Thursday   11/30  10:00 am
Tuesday    12/5   2:00 pm
Thursday  12/14  10:00 am
Tuesday   12/19   2:00 pm
Thursday  12/29  10:00 am

There are two opportunities for the public to speak.  One prior to the daily agenda items and one after the daily agenda items.  If you want to print out the agenda for the meeting, or minutes of prior meetings you can find it at their website.  Here is the link:,MINUTESRESOLUTIONS.aspx

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