Real estate tax levies in 2018….and more..

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Just when we think that we can keep some of our hard earned money, our local government keeps putting their hands in our pockets……When is enough – enough?

First up – Lake County Crime Lab…they tried to place a levy on the ballot last year, but the ballot was so crowded it was decided to wait until May, 2018.  We will be asking for a meeting with the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office to see, from their perspective, why they need more taxpayer money.  There is no resolution yet for the Commissioners to approve, but it should appear soon…(on a side issue – I will be interested in Mr. Coulson’s response to this  question:  Does he believes in the sovereignty of the U.S., or does he believe in Open Borders?  I would like to believe that our County Prosecutor thinks that we are a nation of laws and he follows ALL laws.)
Stay tuned for more details…..

Next up…..At the next Commissioners’ meeting (Tuesday, January 16th at 2:00 pm) they will vote on a resolution to place a .7 mill renewal tax levy for the ADAMHS Board.  We will provide you with the pros and cons when we are closer to the election.  To be sure, they will advertise about the ravaging affects of the drug abuse, and the need to save our citizens.  What do you think that they will not reveal to the taxpayers???  Stay tuned…we will reveal it to you.

Also at the next Commissioners’ meeting, there is a resolution to appoint a gentleman to the Lake County Port Authority and Economic Development Authority Board of Directors.  I will be asking the Commissioners if all board members are required to swear an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.  I believe that it is imperative that ALL board members of any Lake County board believe in the sovereignty of the United States.  We will report on our findings…..

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