Just when I thought the Commissioners were rowing in the same direction…

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Image result for ship of state running aground pictureWhen leaders of the community put their own ambitions,  their party’s edicts or their donors wishes before the security and welfare of the average citizens, the ship of state may “run aground”.  We were previously led to believe that it was one big happy family in the Lake County offices.  Well, it appears that in the Commissioners’ office there is some serious political infighting….Here is a great article by Marian McMahon of the Gazette Newspapers. (We tried to find a link to the article in the Tribune but could not locate one)

Commissioners choosing President

I wish the Commissioners’ meetings could be held at a convenient time so that more Lake County citizens could view what happens in the meetings.  I think I will ask why the meetings cannot be video taped and placed on the Lake County website for everyone to see…We will let you know what they say about our suggestion.


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