Commissioner Hamercheck’s Campaign Finance Reports…….this may surprise you

In our continuing effort to be totally transparent on all Lake County issues, we asked the Board of Elections for the Campaign Finance Reports for Commissioners Hamercheck and Cirino.   Here are Commissioner Hammercheck’s reports filed by the “Friends for John R. Hamercheck Election Committee”.

2015 Annual HAMERCHECK
2016 Post General HAMERCHECK
2016 Post Primary HAMERCHECK
2016 Pre General Amended HAMERCHECK-Amend
2016 Pre General HAMERCHECK
2016 Pre Primary HAMERCHECK
2017 Annual HAMERCHECK
2017 Semi Annual HAMERCHECK
2018 Semi Annual HAMERCHECK

(LFC Comment:  We salute Commissioner Hamercheck for investing a great deal of his own money into his campaign.   He is not beholding to any special interest group, and can therefore, vote his conscience on what he believes is in the best interest of the community.    If  the citizens in the community believe he is faithfully executing his duties and keeping them safe they will, no doubt, show their gratitude with campaign contributions.  We wish Commissioner Hamercheck well, and hope that public service is not a financial burden on his family.  Any disagreements that we have had with him is over his voting record, and certainly not any reflection on him as a fine man of faith.)

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