Need for More Transparency of Commissioners’ Meeting

We have been surprised that the Lake County Commissioners’ meetings are not videotaped and placed on-line for all Lake County residents to view at home.

We compliment the Concord Trustees for their total transparency of their meetings, and their excellent website that gives Concord residents information about what is happening in their township, if they care to take the time to view and read all of the information.  Well done!

We asked Mr. John Hamercheck, the President of the Commissioners Office,  if they plan to video tape all future commissioners’ meetings. Here is his reply to the Commissioners’ Secretary and indirectly to us:

“Regarding Mr. Massie’s question regarding video recordings of Commissioner’s meetings, it is my understanding that there are no plans to do this in the existing Commissioner’s chambers given that we are in the process of constructing a new facility that will have at least provisions for this capability, if not this capability from the date of commissioning.  Please provide Mr. Massie any information that I have not addressed that would be responsive to his question.”

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