Vaccinations…..two sides of the story

vaccine imageA Lake County lobbyist has asked us to publish the following links to a story regarding vaccinations.

From the Toledo Blade……”the sky is falling”…what are we to believe??

From the website “Vaccine Impact”……

According to CDC Stats Measles Vaccine Rates are NOT Declining – MMR Vaccine Misinformation Exposed

We have to admit to having extreme skepticism about the information provided to the general public in our newspapers – on ANY subject.  When we have first hand experience with the local newspaper editor changing our words in our “Letters to the Editor” due to political correctness, or their non-reporting of events in meetings that we have attended, it makes us realize that there is severe manipulation (read: propaganda) of the news taking place in our newspapers.

Seems we have heard this somewhere before…….FAKE NEWS!.….huh, just cannot seem to put my finger on where I have heard it.



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  1. Reporting has become more opinion than fact. Hopefully that will change in the future, if it doesn’t we will only become more divided.


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