Riverside School Levy…oh no….they are back for more

It seems that all we do is talk about property taxes these days.  Simple reason for that, really.  The political sub-divisions keep coming back for more, and more, and more.  Just as the orange barrels on our roads are the signs of Spring in Northeast Ohio, we can be sure that there will be a property tax levy on someone’s ballot in May and November each year.

We will put these conversations into the category of a “Definite Maybe”…..However, if we can be so bold to speculate…..”where there is smoke there usually is a fire.”

little birdie image  A reliable source stated that Riverside is contemplating another bond levy to cover the 2nd phase of new school buildings.  This one will replace the current high school and J.R. Williams 8-9th grade facility.  The existing track and field house would remain, but the other buildings will be demolished.  We may be looking at a price tag of $70 – $80 million with a millage requirement in excess of 4 mills on the November 2017 ballot  ……YIKES!….DOUBLE YIKES!

In order to corroborate these statements, we contacted Riverside school officials about what we have heard, and this is what we were told.

Riverside School Official: “At this time, we are in the planning stage for implementing the second phase of the district facilities plan. We are working with an architect to develop a detailed cost estimate for constructing a new 6-12 grade campus.

Once that cost estimate is complete, we can calculate a millage amount based on current interest rates and district valuation. The board has not decided on the timing of presenting the second phase to the voters.

Therefore, any specific details regarding the bond issue amount, millage, length of time, and when it will be on the ballot are rumors at this time as these items have not been determined as of yet. ”


So taxpayers in the Riverside school district, please continue to remain alert and mindful of this issue.  LFC will do our part by staying on top of this issue, and will publish the facts as they are given to us.


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  1. It seems like there is an endless parade of tax levies that appear on the ballot year to year. I wonder if there is any collusion among the parties to each take their turn at the public trough. Just saying…


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