Lakeland Community College….employee evaluations

Thanks to our Kirtland lobbyist for these opinions by former employees of Lakeland Community College….just read the evaluations, they certainly paint an unhappy working environment at the school.






In the interest of total transparency, we have found the following link that gives other perspectives of employment at Lakeland Community College.  You may want to discount the student positions, and look at the long term employees.


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  1. Where did you find these options? Glassdoor? The point is it looks like there was more. Even a custodian is complaining about how bad the place is. Typical government entity. Lake County is full of them. There is a handful of people in government in this county who actually care about the people and give a crap about doing a good job at work. Everyone else, could care less. They are there for power and money. Plain and simple.


  2. Please note that the Indeed link you provide contains mostly reviews of Lakeland College in Wisconsin.


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