2018 Cupp Reports For Lake County Schools

We have been working with the 2018 Cupp Reports, and have prepared the following schedules for all nine school districts in Lake County.

The Cupp Reports compares 61 different metrics, and compares each school to a similar district in the State, and also the Statewide average for each item.

Fairport Harbor:  Fairport Harbor 2018 Cupp Reports

Kirtland:  Kirtland 2018 Cupp

Madison:  Madison 2018 Cupp

Mentor:  Mentor 2018 Cupp

Painesville:  Painesville 2018 Cupp

Perry:  Perry 2018 Cupp

Riverside:  Riverside 2018 Cupp

Wickliffe:  Wickliffe 2018 Cupp (2)

Willoughby – Eastlake:  W-E 2018 Cupp (1)

Analysis of Student Population:  Lake County Public School Population 2018

Teacher and Administrator Comparison:  Lake County Public Schools Teachers and Admin


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2 replies

  1. Wonder why riverside has a higher local tax burden and less revenue from state than comparable school or state average?


    • The State believes in redistributing the wealth. In their very complex funding formula, they look at the wealth of the district, measured by the home valuations and the average annual income. Take a look at Kirtland’s funding per student…..they are a bedroom community with perceived wealth, and with very little commercial or industrial property to help defray the property tax burden.


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