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Thanks to one of our many Kirtland lobbyists for a ‘heads up’ on this.

Here is a update from the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Lakeland Community College. We have highlighted in red the paragraph dealing with the proposed student housing that is meant to stem the tide of the drastic loss of full time students.  The logic of how a dorm for 350 students is meant to solve their massive student enrollment problem escapes us.

The reason they are committed to not pay for the housing is that they are not permitted by the Ohio Revised Code to own housing on their campus, but playing around the edges of the code certainly seems acceptable to them.  It is never a good sign when the first pass on a project shows that the initial budget is wholly inadequate to cover the costs.


Hello, Arts and Sciences,

I hope you enjoyed the last two weeks and have a good weekend planned.  Here are my updates from these past two weeks or for what is upcoming.  I’m sure I’ll miss many items, but I hope you find the following helpful:


There are some pretty cool things coming up and a few things that occurred recently that I want to relay:

·        Donor-Scholar Breakfast: Lakeland had its 23rd Annual Donor-Scholar Breakfast this past Wednesday.  What a cool event that celebrated the award of scholarships to many students.  I thank all of you who have given to support student scholarships.  It is due to the generosity of professionals like you that I’m here today, because had it not been for a scholarship to attend a community college, my future would have likely been very different.

·        Town Hall: Dr. Beverage’s Town Hall meeting this week focused on six “Moments that Matter” that emerged over this past year through our IDEO work of putting students first.  During the meeting, we split into groups to begin the process of design thinking around these six moments and developed a lot of great questions with which to start.  The group I participated in centered around what to do if a student stops taking classes at Lakeland, but other groups focused on other topics such as the registration process.  Anyway, the next three meetings will expand this work and advance initiatives we collectively feel are important to our students and our work.  If you can make it and are interested in joining, I encourage you to come to the next one (April 11, 11 am).

·        On-Campus Housing: If you haven’t heard yet, we are delaying the project by one year.  In summary, our quotes came in much higher than expected, and Lakeland is committed to seeing that we do not pay for the housing … so we’re reanalyzing, using a new company, and planning for Fall 2021 as the anticipated move-in time.

·        Technology: There are several upcoming workshops on Microsoft Office, Teams, Accessibility, and Relay.  I encourage you to sign up and participate if you can (see attached).


With the start of P2 and planning for the fall, just a few quick notes:

·        Board of Trustees Highlights: Attached is the list of updates Academics prepared for the Board of Trustees.  Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

·        Business & IT Career Fair: Wednesday, April 10 from 10 am – 1 pm is a Business & IT Career Fair.  Please share the attachment with your students.  Although you might not teach a business or IT class, I’m sure you have students who might be interested as they all take our classes!

·        Dean for Applied Studies: On-campus interviews were this past week with one candidate that was sent forward.  Although I participated in a forum, I’m not sure yet of the outcome.

Arts and Sciences Division

The last two weeks have indeed been interesting.  Here are my highlights:

·        Sign Language: ASL IDOL was absolutely fantastic!  I couldn’t believe how many people, students and community members, who attended to see performers sign to song.  Great job Angie Battistone-Potosky and Jeanette Brossmann.

·        Arts at LakelandJust a reminder that upcoming we have a number of excellent programs planned.

o   Gallery: The next show, Lakeland Community College Visual Arts Student Exhibition, begins April 7th.  Please join us for an artist reception April 11th from 7-9 pm.

o   Civic Chorus: “Spring Cleaning” is Sunday April 7th at 4 pm.

o   Civic Band: “Cuban Fire” is Sunday April 14th at 4 pm.

·        Budget: I have had the Arts and Sciences budget review with our new budget director Tom Reynolds.  He comes to us from Tri-C, and really knows his stuff.  To be honest, the budget is super tight and he is working to help balance the budget in a way that won’t lead to layoffs or reduce the impact we have in our classrooms.  As the budget gets finalized, I will meet with all Directors and Chairs to review budgets and plan for next year.  Overall, I thank all Chairs, Directors, and Mary Pogany for all your help to save where we could save and then think proactively for the future.

·        Associate Dean: The search committee is working hard to fill our vacant position.  They have gone through a first round of phone interviews, and will begin on-campus interviews this coming week.


Well, not much new to share other than I am having fun.  We’re doing some great things at Lakeland, and my family and I are loving Ohio.  Work related: I enjoy budget time.  One of my strengths is organization, and sorting through budgets and numbers is always something I like doing.  In addition, I will be traveling this weekend to the Higher Learning Commission conference in Chicago.  I look forward to learning lots and bringing back ideas.  Lastly, I have to share that fishing has been good!  I went out this past Tuesday night and got skunked, but last week I caught two steelhead on the fly (wollybuggers) just before dark.  The first was 15 inches and the second was 25 inches.

That’s all for this time.  I didn’t attach any resources to share this time, but encourage you to send me anything you would like to share with your colleagues.  I would love to highlight regularly some good pedagogical activities or resources you use in classes.

Thank you,


p.s. Go Michigan State!  Go Green!  Go White!

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  1. Don’t you love how they bend the truth to fit their narrative. It’s not an outright lie…but real close. “We are committed to ensuring that LCC does not pay for housing…” Ha ha ha ha! Committed by eye! It’s because the law doesn’t allow it under the ORC. LCC can’t LEGALLY pay a penny for housing under the ORC.

    The fact that the Fake News Herald actually told the truth about the ORC in this case astounds me. I think it actually was a mistake they told the truth about the ORC, LCC and dorms…and you can bet your bottom dollar that whoever let that get out into the article was severely thrashed for it.

    Have been reading your information on The Better Flip Project…have been waiting to see if the Fake News Herald will ever tell the truth on that debacle. I think there was an article in opposition early on but that has long since been removed from the online archives.

    You guys are the news now.


  2. Instead of “move-in” time, perhaps the discussion should be about if it is time for Lakeland Community College to move on and stop being a drain on the taxpayers of Lake County.

    And while they are at it, perhaps the same consideration should be given to Lake Tran. If after all this time, the ridership of Lake Tran can’t be self-supporting, then perhaps it too should move on.

    Just imagine if we could eliminate two drains on the taxpayers. We might actually be able to reduce our taxes a little.


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