Open Meeting Act Violation by Commissioner Jerry Cirino


Lobbyists for Citizens exists to ensure that there is honesty and transparency at all levels of government.  In an effort to continue our education on how our local Lake County government works, we attempted to attend a budget meeting. between the Lake County Visitors Bureau, Inc. and the Lake County Commissioners on February 19, 2019.  The Budget Meeting was requested by Mr. Scott Dockus, Executive Director of the LCVB.

To our utter shock, and quite frankly our dismay, Commissioner Jerry Cirino demanded that this writer leave the meeting before it started.  When I asked Cirino if he is sure that he wants to go down this path, he gave an unequivocal “Yes”.

shittake mushroom image

It always piques our curiosity why government officials insist on ensuring the public does not know what is going on in the County.  They enjoy treating us like mushrooms, (1) keep us in the dark, (2) ensure that they constantly feed us manure.  For the record, that is a shittake mushroom image.  We understand that is takes a lot of manure to grow these edible snacks.  If that is the case, then Lake County should not take a back seat to anyone.  Hey, we may have a new slogan for the Port Authority and the Visitors Bureau – “Come to Lake County, We Don’t Live Here,  We Don’t Keep Our Word & We Will Treat You Like Mushrooms…..ok, I agree, it needs a little work….

pulling back the curtain

We kept our promise by informing a Republican Party official that we were not happy with Commissioner Cirino’s decision.  We are now keeping our word with our readers and the Lake County residents by exposing inappropriate actions by our elected officials and un-elected bureaucrats.

Here is our letter and the exhibits supporting our position that Commissioner Cirino is guilty of violating the State of Ohio’s Open Meeting Act.  This document and the exhibits have been sent to various State Officials;












We find the “court of public opinion” to be a very powerful force…….

our promise


To our readers….there is more to come…..we promise….and, unlike many elected officials,  we always keep a promise…



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  1. Seems we might already live in a communist/socialist society, and democrats and Rhino’s are happy with that. Voters blinded by political heritage, and not realizing they are the frog slowly getting boiled. We would be better off with normal everyday citizens in these positions, as long as they can balance their checkbook!


    • John, I agree with your assessment. We need our citizens to wake up to the deceptions being played on them by both parties. Both parties do not want to secure our borders, and play on the voters emotions. Where are the real leaders in the Republican Party, at the local, State and Federal levels, speaking out for American citizens? They are all talk and no action. It appears the majority have bought into the United Nations’ agenda of nations without borders.


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