LCC….0 for 2 in Candidate Search

Thanks to one of our Kirtland lobbyists for this recent information about Lakeland Community College’s search for an new Associate Dean.  Looks like they are back to square one……makes one wonder why there is such a limited number of qualified candidates to meet the needs of our community college.

Subject: Arts and Sciences: Associate Dean Search

Members of the Search Committee,

Thank you all for your time, contributions, and patience with the search process for the Associate Dean for Arts and Sciences position.  Given the candidates’ limited availability to return to campus after their first on-campus interview, the search process pushed up against the end of the semester which didn’t give enough time for us to collect feedback, make a decision, and then meet together as a group prior to the end of the academic year to discuss the outcome of the search process.

I have now had the opportunity to consider carefully the feedback from the search committee and forums and discuss with Laura the strengths and weaknesses of Carla and Patrick.  My conclusion is that neither candidate is ready to assume the duties of the Associate Dean position in a way which would move the Arts and Sciences Division forward.  Specifically, concerns were raised about Carla’s demeanor and lack of professionalism in front of the forum audiences, and Patrick’s repeated reliance during the forum on his iPad notes and lack of experience with faculty unions did not instill confidence that he would be successful.

I want to thank all of you again for your participation in this process.  Once the fall semester begins, I will call a meeting of the Search Committee to discuss next steps.

Thank you,


Adam L. Cloutier, Ed.D.
Dean for Arts & Sciences
(p)440.525.7079; B-1047b

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  1. Mr. Massie,
    Shame on you! This posting was unnecessary. It was obviously a private memo to a committee regarding a job posting. Yes, the public sector is to be transparent but this is the type of thing that should not be posted on your website. What purpose or public benefit does this have??? You claim your mission is to shed light but what are you bringing to the table by calling out LCC for not selecting a candidate? All you did was harm the professional reputation of two people. I do not know any of the folks involved but you owe them an apology. People were applying for a job to move up and take on additional responsibility. They did not get the job for whatever reason but you used the internal memo to poke fun at an organization under the guise of “makes one wonder why there is such a limited number of qualified candidates to meet the needs of our community college.” I applaud them for going back to square one as you put it. They are searching for the best fit. What’s the issue? Again…what are you shedding light on? What if this one of your family members who had applied for a job? You are becoming nothing more than a sensationalist media hack. Yes, I said it…a hack. Take this post down. And to the Kirtland lobbyist who obviously has insider information regarding LCC…you too should be ashamed of yourself. Either of you have a problem with my comments??? Call me or meet me and we can discuss it. Here is my name and contact info.

    Andy Rose
    (440) 382-4113


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