Better Flip….Politicians “Circle the Wagons”

Gazette Article on the Better Flip

When reading this article about the Better Flip project written by Glen Miller of the Gazette, we are left wondering about the competency and fiscal responsibility of Land Bank director and State Representative John Rogers, the Willowick Mayor, Rich Regovich, and Commissioner Jerry Cirino.   They are all saying that it is acceptable to them for the Port Authority to be almost 100% over the pre-designated spending limit of $150,000.  The “good old boy” network, also known as “the cabal”, is alive and well in Lake County as they rally the troops to protect each other’s backside.  Well, they better all cover up because their incompetency is showing……..

They do not even care that the Port Authority created NO BUDGET at the beginning of the project even though the Port’s Board President, Art Lindrose, stated that they must create a budget to determine what the overall costs might be BEFORE they accepted the house from the Land Bank.  Here are the Board minutes that clearly states Mr. Lindrose’s position:  2017-12-20 Minutes

Here is the excerpt of the Board minutes detailing Lindrose’s comments:

“Chairman’s Report: Mr. Lindrose reported that Mr. Martin was reappointed to the LCOPEDA Board and his term expires December 2021. Relative to the Better Flip Initiative, Mr. Lindrose reported that on Tuesday, December 19, he met with Mr. Cahill, Mr. Zahirsky and the Mayor of Willowick at the proposed flip house. He noted that the group walked through the house, and he believes it will be an interesting project for the port. Mr. Lindrose stated that he and Mr. Martin would collaborate on the project to put together a budget, i.e. what it would take to bring the house to the point of resale to a millennial, should the Board choose to take the project on. He noted that it is important that the Board understands everything up front before the LCOPEDA receives the home from the Lake County Land Bank.”(emphasis added)

We have received confirmation from Rantala and the Prosecutor’s office that NO BUDGET WAS CREATED!  Rantala even had the audacity to tell the board that he thinks that they can make a profit on the sale of the home.

It should also be noted that Board members, Art Lindrose and Bill Martin, are in the construction business.  If I were them, I would be totally embarrassed their names are associated with this.

For Rogers, Regovich and Cirino to be so cavalier with the people’s money is APPALLING, and voters will be reminded of this issue when we surely will see their names on future ballots.  Cirino should not think the moniker “State Senator” is a slam dunk.

If the Lake County officials cannot even bring the renovation of a bungalow to completion “on time” and “within budget”, why should taxpayers and voters trust them on multi-million dollar projects.

Note to Rogers, Regovich and Cirino – your names are tied to this debacle, and we will remember your irresponsible fiscal position the next time you are running for office!

Lake County taxpayers are waking up, and politicians should remember that their actions will have consequences.  YOU WORK FOR THE TAXPAYERS – DON’T EVER FORGET THAT.



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  1. Okay…the fact that Democrat Rogers is so cavalier with the people’s money is no surprise…that is the party of tax and spend. They are socialists and totally for the nanny state from cradle to grave. Problem is at some point they will run out of other people’s money.

    However, what is appalling to me is that Regovich and Cirino could be so cavalier about all of this. They are Republicans…supposed to be conservative. They are RINOs in my view. Regovich is supposed to be in the construction business too I hear.

    For Mr. LandBank and Flipper himself, Rogers, to infer that the $149K overage was because of the foundational issues…yeah we buy that like the magic bullet theory proposed in the Warren Commission Report. Besides, I thought I read in this online newspaper that they could have replaced all four walls for about $30K. Something is definitely not adding up here!

    You would think that these “fiscally conservative REPUBLICANS” would want to get to the bottom of it. Seems they are more concerned with the next election and covering their own butts than getting to the truth and being good stewards of the people’s money. Disgusting and pathetic but totally predictable.

    NO party is worth a darn…none of them give a rat’s behind about the people…not one. Good and honorable people need to run for office…and the people need to support them instead of these parasite politicians posing as people who CARE about We the People. It’s a joke and an illusion…wake up people! They laugh at you all the way to the bank…it’s time for the people to have the last laugh and send these losers packing. It is THEY who are the dregs of society.


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