Destroy the Family, Babies & Morality…”a society will collapse”

Thanks to Anonymous One for the latest, thought provoking article on abortion.

The aftermath of yet two more mass murders has left us seeking answers as to how these atrocities can happen.  Pointing to the social effects of widespread abortion especially, Archbishop Charles Chaput has observed “certain kinds of killing no longer even count officially as ‘killing.’ Certain kinds of killing we enshrine as rights and protect by law. When we live this kind of contradiction, why are we surprised at the results?”

One presidential candidate this week described abortion not only as a “choice” but as a “sacred choice”.

The Speaker of the House describes the murder of preborn babies as a “sacrament”.

Every announced candidate for the democrat presidential nomination supports killing children in the womb throughout all nine months of gestation. 

Violence has been normalized in America’s culture, and faith is wholly absent, leading to a collapse of our moral fiber. Only by eliminating the killing of the preborn and with a renewal in traditional values will America rise back to a moral nation. 

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  1. I wish anonymous would write about truth’s instead of lies. There is no law anywhere that supports abortion through all 9 months unless the mother’s life is in danger.

    Violence has been normalized in America, that I agree with. But, you only have to look as far as the president to see why that is true. He supports violence at his rallys, he calls people names like a 3 year old bully, he has called neo Nazis good people… I could go on and on.

    If anonymous is so concerned about violence, I sure hope he/she votes democrat. The GOP refuses to pass any Laws on gun control. If anonymous feels so strongly about life, then surely he/she will support gun control laws.

    I’m not sure how ending abortion will do anything for bringing back a moral nation. And traditional values??? Not sure what that means. America was built on many faiths and many traditional values. Yours may be different… But, we’re all in this together.


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