Painesville City Police Levy…displaying lack of candor

We were given this “fact sheet” about the 2.5 mill five year Painesville City police levy.

Painesville City Police Levy

Someone in the police department is trying to provide the reasons why voters should pass the levy, and in our opinion, displayed a huge “lack of candor” moment with the voters.  Here is the excerpt with which we take issue:

“Only property/home owners are charged real estate taxes, therefore renters would not be taxed for this levy.”

Technically that is correct, but it is a huge deception, in our opinion.   The property owners of the rental property will pass all increased costs to their customers – the renters.  Therefore, renters will, in fact, be paying for this levy.

you decide

Why would they make this statement?
1. They believe voters to be gullible and stupid.
2. They do not understand that the cost of the monthly rent is impacted by ALL costs incurred by the owner of the property.
3. They are guilty of duplicity.

We also saw that the Police Department was kind enough to break down the cost to the property/home owners.  We will give you the calculations.

Property market or appraised value ; $100,000
Yearly cost: $87.50  [$35.00 x 2.5 mills}
Monthly cost: $7.29 [$87/50 / 12]
Daily cost: $.24  [$87.50 / 365]

Very clever trying to make the cost seem infinitesimal.  Perhaps they should  have given the cost per minute or second.

Cost per minute: ($87.50 / 525,600 minutes per year equals $.000166)

Cost per second:  ($87.50 / 31,536,000 seconds per year equals $.00000277)

Painesville Police Department / City Council / Citizens Safety Committee – shame on you for the deception, the people deserve better!

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we first set out to deceive…..”

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