Public School Disaster…dumbing down the students

Ladies and gentlemen, the Ohio public schools have failed your children.  They preach “equality of opportunity”, but what they really demand is the liberal utopia of “equality of outcome”.  We found the following two articles at that highlight the dumbing down of the standards for graduation.

When we listen to future plan’s for new school buildings we can see that the State’s education leaders are moving our society away from individual freedom of thought to a “group think” mentality.  When you couple that with the gender neutral bathrooms, lowering the bar for graduation, and their social emotional learning curriculum, we have the recipe for a flaming disaster.  Our many local sources in education have informed us that the majority of Lake County students taking college credit courses at Lakeland Community College are not ready for college level courses and must take remedial courses.  Seventy percent of Cleveland School children cannot read when they graduate from high School!

So how do we fix this problem?

1,  LFC supports a complete voucher system that will make all schools compete for the children.  A parent would have TOTAL control of their child’s education; if a local school does not meet the community standards then they may go out of business.

No to taxes
2.  Citizens need to stop approving ALL new and renewal property tax levies.  We must get the attention of the State legislators and the Governor to fix the unconstitutional use of property taxes for funding of public schools.

Excerpts from the 2017 article:

“The state Senate is looking to stave off a possible high school graduation “crisis” by allowing students to graduate even with poor scores on state tests.”

“The proposal would allow them to graduate if they meet at least two non-test standards, including having 93 percent or better attendance their senior year, having a GPA of 2.5 or above for senior year courses, completing a senior project, reaching a certain number of hours in a job or volunteer work and completing several career training steps.”

(LFC Comment:  A participation trophy just for showing up.)

Excerpts from the 2020 article:

“High school students won’t have to be “proficient” in either math or English to graduate, under minimum required test scores proposed by State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria.

They will just need to know enough to do the most basic of jobs.”

(LFC Comment: Is this what you want for your children or grandchildren?)


Here are the “leaders” of the Ohio public school debacle…

State School super

Paolo DeMaria, Ohio’s Superintendent of Public Instruction

He is the “leader” of a statewide failing school system, and no one is holding him accountable.  Why?


Laura kohler

This is Laura Kohler, President of Ohio’s State Board of Education.  No one is holding her accountable for the unmitigated disaster in Ohio schools.  Why is she allowed to remain in this position?

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