Cicconetti & Plecnik called out…

just a reminder note

(LFC Comments: Note to Mr. Cicconetti and Mr. Plecnik, you may want to think about responding to your constituents.  It is always easy speaking to those that agree with you, but you must remember that you are supposed to represent everyone, and not just your political base.  Here is a note sent to us from a very curious Painesville Township voter.)

gabe c 3

Gabe Cicconetti


I was curious as to why Gabe Cicconetti, who has voted as a Democrat in past presidential primaries, was suddenly running as a Republican in the primary.  I couldn’t find anything on his campaign related social media sites that might explain this.  So I submitted a question on his website to ask him why.  For some reason he has not responded.  It makes me wonder why.


Press Release Plecnik

John Plecnik

I was also curious about John Plecnik, who is running for state central committee.  In the past, John was a staunch supporter of incumbent Congressman Dave Joyce when Joyce was being challenged by a conservative candidate in the primary.  John was adamant that Joyce was a conservative.  I was wondering if he still held that position.  I sent him a text asking him if he still held to that position.  Crickets!

What kind of politicians ignore questions from their constituents?  Perhaps not the type we want.

Chuck Laughlin

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