2020 U.S. Census…Why is it important?


Commissioner John Hamercheck

(LFC Comments: Thanks to Lake County Commissioner John Hamercheck for his help in answering questions for a Mentor nursing home about the U.S. Census.  According to Ms. Susan Licate of the U.S. Census Bureau, Commissioner Hamercheck has been instrumental in getting the information out to the citizens, and Lake County is one of the top counties in the country in responses.  Bravo…Commissioner Hamercheck!

Here is an email we received from Ms. Licate that may interest everyone.  You may find the maps very informative.  Let’s be sure to pass this along to your family, friends and neighbors.  There are part-time, temporary jobs still available.)

Why is the 2020 Census important?

The 2020 Census will determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding every year, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade.


Thank you for your time last week and your interest in the 2020 Census. I’m happy to share information and content with you for your blog and welcome your connection to bloggers around the state to help share the message of the Census and how census data is what shapes our future every year for the next ten years.

We appreciate your support to help educate and encourage folks to respond and our message is “Respond Now.”  People can respond online at 2020census.gov or by phone at 844-330-2020 or return their paper form in the mail. Responding now reduces the need for census takers to visit households that have not responded in the coming months.

Helpful links:

Media press kit:

B-roll and imagery:

Response Rate Viewer Map:

Updated daily at 5pm; can drill down to see response rates (not responses) by county, congressional district, city, town, or census tract. Never will any one person, business, or organization ever be able identified and all personal identifying information is stripped, only data of an area is shared.

There are also a variety of outreach materials for you to use, whether your need is a digital flyer, handout, social media graphic, or PSA video, all are ready to use.

We’re still hiring folks for enumerators / Census Takers once field operations resume in accordance with federal, state, and local health guidelines.

One census application puts candidates in the portal for consideration of all positions. Visit 2020census.gov/jobs or call 855-JOB-2020 (image attached).

All positions offer weekly pay, paid training, flexible hours, and mileage reimbursement.
Pay ranges vary by county (Lake County is $17.50 per hour) and the pay rates in full can be found here.  All are part-time, temporary, and flexible up to 40 hours per week.

Susan L. Licate, MBA, Media Specialist

Philadelphia Regional Census Center
U.S. Census Bureau
m: 440.840.4122

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