Holmes and Watson…take on Willoughby Hills

(LFC Comments:  Well, it has been a while since we have heard from our intrepid truth seekers – Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.  We wonder what they have on their twisted minds?..Let’s listen in on their conversation as they discuss the current events in the bucolic community known as Willoughby Hills.)

The Case of “The Taming of the Shrew”

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“Holmes….Holmes…wake up….the game is afoot…LFC is at it again!”

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“Huh?…What?…What are you blabbering  about …Watson?”

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“They have filed a record request with Willoughby Hills.  Here it is:

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“Oh, for crying out loud Watson, they do that all the time.  That’s  how they corroborate allegations made by citizens.   Would you want them to be involved in a “wrap up smear” like Pelosi?  You know, get the fake news main stream media to publish a false story and then use that story as your source to take action….that would be really despicable.”

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“Well, of course not, Holmes.  It just seems…well…when I saw that the records request dealt with Willoughby Hills….I thought to myself….here we go again in Willoughby Hills…and then I saw the Facebook post.”

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“Refresh my memory Watson-what happened in Willoughby Hills? I have a vague recollection of it.”


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“Holmes…let me ‘whisper’ this  in your ear so no one can overhear us.”


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“Nonsense Watson, Mrs. Hudson, the housekeeper, has the day off and my cat is deaf.  Speak up, Man!”


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“Ok, so be it…do you remember the newspaper article back in October, 2018?”

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“You mean the one where the Lake County Prosecutor recommended an investigation of the Willoughby Hills Mayor for their senior program?   If I remember correctly, the State of Ohio Attorney General dropped the investigation because the cases were “too old” and “not enough money” was involved.”

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“Yes…right you are old man…that one seemed to have a lot of fuzz on it. Ah well…c’est la vie…that’s life.

The current records request is dealing with the City finances.  Seems as though multiple citizens, after seeing questionable decisions by the City officials, have reached out to LFC for help reviewing the City’s finances, and you know that is in their ‘wheelhouse’.”

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“Oh , most assuredly, with their staff of accountants, they can make ‘the numbers talk’.   You first mentioned about a Facebook page….what is that all about?”

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“I was scanning Facebook, and I uncovered this post by Gloria Majeski, the Executive Assistant to the Mayor in Willoughby Hills:”


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“Hmmmm….interesting, very interesting….’Methinks, the Lady doth protest too much’…If she thinks LFC will back down on a perfectly legal records request, she may want to ask the Lake County Commissioners what they know about LFC, and their knowledge of the law dealing with public records and the Open Meeting Act.”


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“Well, Holmes, now that you mention it….sounds like ‘GAME ON‘ to me…”




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  1. This is crazy! This is a response from a city worker to a public records request? Has she been fired yet?

  2. Did you get your records request fulfilled?

  3. I’m not surprised at all. She’s been nasty and yelling at residents for years. I really do not get why they keep her and definitely do not know why she gets paid so much. Something not right there.

    • Gloria is The Queen of harassment and bullying. Check with former Mayor Weger on why she got that job in the first place. The have been buddies for years and neither can be trusted. Not nice people

  4. Gloria Majeski is being paid 100,000 as an assistant and the city cant even replace the completely tattered American flags hanging around the city, what an absolute disgarce. Every bordering city has flowers and beautiful flags hanging everywhere. City Hall and all the officials especially the mjority, should be absolutely ashamed.

    • We cannot confirm the $100,000 earnings for Ms. Majeski. We have asked for record requests, but, to date, have not received a response. Our next step will be to ask the courts to compel them to provide the public records.


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