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As Lake County residents become aware of LFC’s mission to hold elected officials and the unelected bureaucrats accountable to the voters in the communities, we are becoming inundated with requests for help.

In keeping with LFC’s policy of total transparency, we are providing our readers with the documentation, sent and received, from Willoughby Hill’s officials as we exercise our rights provided in Ohio’s Sunshine laws.  As our logo suggests, we will continue to shine the light on the truth in the public arena.

On May 28, 2020, we sent a records request to Willoughby Hills Mayor, Mr. Andy Gardner.  Here is the previous article we wrote about it:

Here are the responses received from Frank J. Brichacek, Jr, Director of Finance:
WH Response page 1

Response from WH page 2

Here is a copy of Mrs. Gloria Majeski’s resume:  GM Resume


LFC recently followed up with Willoughby Hills by sending this email to Mr. Brichacek via Mayor Andy Gardner:

Frank J. Brichacek, Jr.
Director of Finance
City of Willoughby Hills
35405 Chardon Road
Willoughby Hills, OH  44094

Re: Records Request

Dear Mr. Brichacek:

This is a follow-up to your response dated June 11, 2020 to our records request dated May 28, 2020.   Technically, you did not provide the public records, but created a new document.  Since there are problems with the figures supplied to date, we are going to need documentation for any figures that you supply in the new document that you create.

We have some questions on the information that you supplied concerning the “Executive Assistant to Mayor Information”.

  1. The 2020 reported salary of $70,717.71 does not appear correct. The 1% pension pickup amount stated was $721.00.  Therefore, it seems that the annual salary should be $72,100.00. [$721.00 / .01]  Please provide documentation for the annual salary.
  2. We do not see any amount for the employer portion of the PERS. Is the City providing 14% of the annual salary amount as a contribution to the retirement account for the Executive Assistant?  If PERS is being paid, then it appears that $10,094.00 is the annual PERS contribution by the City. [$72,100.00 x .14]
  3. The citizens of Willoughby Hills want to know the total cost to the City for the Executive Assistant position including the mandatory State of Ohio and federal government payroll payments. We want to know any and all payments on behalf of the Executive Assistant to include Medicare taxes, state and federal unemployment payments, workers’ compensation, in-kind payments, reimbursements, perks, awards, or payments to third parties on the Executive Assistant’s behalf.
  4. The citizens of Willoughby Hills would also like to compare the total compensation for the years 2018, 2019 and the budgeted amounts for 2020. We have enclosed a spreadsheet that gives you the information that the citizens need.
  5. Unfortunately, we could not find the union contract that you said was attached to your email. Please resend it to us.
  6. We will research the City’s website for the financial information requested.
  7. We are enclosing a second records request concerning other matters of interest to the citizens of Willoughby Hills.

Respectfully submitted,

s/Brian Massie

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens


Here is the spreadsheet that we sent with the email:


Here is the new records request sent with the email to Mr. Brichacek.

Record request WH 6-17

We will continue to update our readers as we move forward with these records requests.


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9 replies

  1. Thank you for digging and being relentless. Its not going unnoticed!

  2. What kind of mayor secretary in Lake County make that kind of money?Should be a crime!

  3. What kind of executive assistant in NE Ohio makes that kind of money? What is she doing to command that kind of salary? Executive secretaries in the private sector…even those working for CEOs of Fortune 500 or even 100 companies don’t make that kind of money. And I’ve never, ever heard of a secretary being a protected class of employee, union. Something smells really rotten in Willoughby Hills. Unfortunately, most people have a price.

    I wonder how much the Mayor’s posse got paid to file their frivolous lawsuit against Mrs. Fellows? Unless of course the children pretending to be adults that filed said lawsuit are literal psychopaths and really do get their jollies from bullying, intimidating and roughing up women. You guys have been saying for some time that this sort of thing was going on in government at all levels.

    Corruption cannot occur, even for things like human trafficking (including of children), unless there is cooperation at the local level by elected officials, appointed officials, and willing stooges like Andy Gardner’s posse. What a bunch of losers. These are the dregs of society that must be pulled out by the root. Time to get busy citizens of Willoughby Hills.

    • Some say she spends all her time “at work” conspiring with that Tony Miller guy … when she’s not balancing senior’s check books or helping them vote.

  4. Very eager for an update, including the dumping and trucks from JAG for their ‘driveway; project.

  5. “These are the dregs of society that must be pulled out by the root.” Under Cover Huber.
    Lobbyists for Citizens, as a citizen I will be reporting this as a threat to my safety and well being. Through everything I have never wished harm nor even hinted at harm towards anyone like this statement and commentor did here.

  6. Turned this over to the local police department.


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