Gov. Mikey DeWine…a.k.a Wally Milquetoast

[New Democrat] Governor Mike DeWine (a.k.a Wally Milquetoast) on Tuesday said he doesn’t mind the removal of statues of Confederate leaders around the country, though he questioned how far people should go in tearing down monuments of Christopher Columbus and other controversial figures.
“I don’t have any trouble, you know, looking at the Confederate statues coming down across the country,” said the Greene County Republican during his semi-regular coronavirus briefing. DeWine noted that his great-great-grandfather was a Union soldier held as a prisoner of war.”
[LFC Comments:  They are going to need help in Columbus looking for Mikey’s spine.   He definitely has turned into a bowl of jello….Funny, his great, great grandfather was a Union soldier….I thought he was a mailman…Oh wait, my bad.. that is the other Democrat Governor we had – Johnny (I balanced the budget on the backs of local communities) Kasich]

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  1. Why memorialize traitors?

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