Planned Parenthood…dancing with the devil

[LFC Comments: We received this article from The Center for Medical Progress.  They are tireless in their efforts to thwart the evil Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in babies’ body parts.  Planned Parenthood is dancing with the devil.  Their cavalier attitude toward human life demonstrates that they have lost their souls.]


“In unsealed sworn VIDEOTAPED deposition testimonytop Planned Parenthood and fetal trafficking officials describe infants born alive and either left to die or killed by organ harvesting inside abortion clinics.

These admissions from top abortion industry witnesses come from the sworn testimony taken in Planned Parenthood’s own retaliatory lawsuit against CMP over the undercover videos. They include these shocking facts:

  • Planned Parenthood Pacific Southwest’s trafficking partner Advanced Bioscience Resources harvests organs from whole fetuses that “fall out” of the patient in the operating room “once every couple months” and can see babies’ hearts beating even after they have been cut out
  • PPFA’s Dr. Deborah Nucatola admitted she has had “non-viable” fetuses delivered in the operating room and that her determination of “viability” depends on “the availability of interventions” at the clinic to support the baby’s life
  • Planned Parenthood Orange County’s CEO Jon Dunn testified that an infant was born alive at his abortion clinic and the staff did not call 911PPOSBC was partnered with the criminal DaVinci companies who admitted selling body parts in 2017 and were shut down.

After CMP’s undercover videos were released in 2015, two Congressional investigations confirmed the “systemic violations” at Planned Parenthood, a southern California prosecutor shut down two of Planned Parenthood’s business partners in a $7.8 million settlement with an admission of guilt, and the U.S. Department of Justice has an ongoing active investigation of Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trafficking.

Instead of coming clean and reforming, Planned Parenthood and their allies have tried to bury the evidence with retaliatory lawsuits to attack the First Amendment and silence anyone who challenges them.

CMP’s team of legal experts are working hard to make sure our First Amendment rights and those of all citizen journalists are vindicated, and that those who traffick aborted baby body parts are held equally accountable under the law.”


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