Jerry Cirino…carrying the flag for Romney and McCain Republicans

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[LFC Comments: Thanks to the Lake County lobbyists that sent this article to us.  We are just shaking our head at Jerry Cirino’s comments in the Wall Street Journal article.  He obviously is embarrassed by his performance, but his opponent, Betsy Rader, believes it was just right.]

Trump Loses Ground in Suburbs Key to His Path in Several States – WSJ

Excerpts from the article:

dale-fellows 1

Dale Fellows

[LFC Comments:  Here is an example of a positive Lake County Republican leader that believes in supporting the top of the Republican ticket.]

Dale Fellows, chairman of the Lake County Republican Party, is bullish on Mr. Trump’s
chances in Lake and believes he can repeat his 2016 performance. He says his office is
seeing a steady stream of supporters wanting signs, magnets and bumper stickers
bearing the name Trump.

“We were surprised at how many people—nontraditional politically involved people—
would come into our office back in 2016. They’d never been into a political party office in
their lives. They wanted anything Trump. They just really, really liked Trump,” he said.
And it’s the same thing now.” [Emphasis added by LFC]



Jerry Cirino Running for State Senate

[LFC Comments:  In a stark comparison, here is an example of a Mitt Romney or John McCain type of Republican.   He does not mention in the WSJ article that he is supporting President Trump, and even has the chutzpah to give President Trump advice on what he needs to do to win.  

From Cirino’s Facebook page: “Very honored to have given an interview to the Wall Street Journal to talk about the political climate in Lake County and NE Ohio. Lake County is considered a bellweather county and it is getting national attention in this Presidential Election year.

[LFC Comments: Cirino brags that he was interviewed by the WSJ, but does not even post what he said in the interview.  However, his opponent for State Senate, Betsy Rader, thought the article was just super for her and the Democrats, and posted it to her campaign Facebook page.


Way to go, Mitt, eh, sorry, Jerry….the Democrats cannot believe their good fortune..they thought they had to defeat a conservative…Christmas has come early for them.

From the WSJ article:

Lake County Commissioner Jerry Cirino, a Republican who is running to serve in the Ohio State Senate in 2020, says on the campaign trail, he’s running into some voters who
backed the president in 2016 but are fed up with his rhetoric now.

“When I knock on a door and someone tells me they don’t like him or they’re not going to
vote for him, 90% of the time it’s about stylistic things,” he said. “They’re certainly not the
hard-core supporters, but they’re definitely people who have voted for him, who voted for him last time by all appearances.”

He said he thinks that to some extent that is to be expected after four years in office, and
he believes most of Mr. Trump’s supporters will stick with him. Mr. Cirino said the
president should move the campaign conversation back to the economy if he wants to win.  [Emphasis added by LFC]


[LFC Comments:  So here are our choices for State Senate, a Mitt Romney wannabe, or someone that believes in the aborting the lives of innocent children.  We wonder if we can write-in some other name because these two just are not going to pass muster.

Prediction: After Jerry loses to Betsy, he will be working some angle to get back his Lake County Commissioner’s seat.  Where there is a will, there is a way…What Jerry wants, Jerry gets…]


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