DeWine Mandates Implicit Bias Training

[LFC Comments: We received the following article from Kristen Hill, State of Ohio School Board Representative from Lorain County.]


Dear Editor, The engagement of an “equity/organizational development consultant to review policies, practices and systems throughout the district” may result in something similar to this August 4, 2020, announcement from Governor DeWine to state employees. Statewide Competency and Implicit Bias Training is mandated. Here is the email from the governor.

New Statewide Competency and Implicit Bias Training
Governor Mike DeWine
Tue 8/4/2020 3>41 PM
Dear Colleagues,

It is a matter of basic human decency that persons employed by—and served by—the State of Ohio be treated with respect and civility. As State employees, we must be committed to being the government for all people. To promote and support diversity and inclusion in State government, I am announcing two initiatives.

First, beginning in August, Embracing Diversity and Inclusion will be included as part of the State’s Performance Management system. This new statewide competency is defined as displaying and developing understanding of individual differences and viewpoints, the impact of each on the workplace, and how we serve others.

Second, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services is launching Inclusive Listening: Pushing through our Biases training for all State employees beginning August 10th. This mandatory training will allow participants to explore the concepts of diversity and inclusion, particularly as it relates to implicit bias. Implicit bias is about the beliefs or stereotypes individuals may unconsciously hold or carry out in their daily interactions with others.

Together, these new initiatives are part of our statewide strategy to create awareness, promote and value diversity, and recognize the benefits of inclusion. Ohio, and our Nation, are better when we embrace diversity and strive to be inclusive of all individuals. I thank you in advance for being active partners in these efforts and for all you do for our citizens each day.

Very respectfully yours,
Mike DeWine

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  1. Staff writer,
    Why won’t you expose the school board member who was 1 of 2 who refused to cut costs???

  2. Now the right can be heard!

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