Spot the Difference in Galloway Fundraiser Flyer

Here is a game for you. Can you spot the difference in the names of the host committee for the Galloway Fundraiser? There are 3 new members added to the committee, but strangely one name has been left off the original list. Can you spot the name left off the list?

Original Invitation

This is the original invitation to the Galloway Fundraiser

Revised Invitation

This is the revised invitation that added 3 hosts, and deleted 1 very special host.

Instead of “social distancing”…it is more like “political distancing”.

Durdle…Durdle..Durdle..anyone seen Durdle lately?…”Buehler, Buehler”

…Moreland Consulting, Laketran Sales Tax Levy, Fire Levies…oh, my…so much to do, so little time for real auditing…

Deceptions abound in Lake County! Voters are tired of being deceived.


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  1. Who is Durdle? Why do you think his name was removed from the invitation?

    • Brian Durdle was one of two lobbyists for First Energy Bondholders. We have been told that he is also a well paid, well connected, savvy political consultant. He was hired by the Lake County Commissioners as their lobbyist for $40,000, and his Moreland Consulting (a private non-profit that does not divulge the names of their consultants or their workers) received a huge contract from LakeTran to help get their sales tax levy passed. It would just be conjecture by us as to why a high profile, politically savvy, lobbyist connected to the H.B. 6 debacle,would be removed from Galloway’s fundraising committee. We will let our readers decide.


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