Is Reconciliation Possible?

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Concord Bob for sending the “And in 1933” picture to us. What we are experiencing in our country is nothing new. All that has changed are the names. Lies, deceptions and betrayals have been the watchwords for many dictators and sociopaths.

However, it appears we have a significant percentage of the population willing to follow the traitors “over the edge”. They are believing in the comforting lies, rather than the unpleasant truths. Is there any chance of reconciliation between the patriots that want to retain the Republic, those that want to “burn it all down”, and the vast majority of Americans that do not have a clue what is happening, or why we are on the path to destruction?

We have been following our country’s descent into the abyss for over ten years. We would have to say that the absolute corruption in the news media (all means of dispensing information) may be the cruelest blow to our Republic. Most churches will become irrelevant in short order because they no longer preach the revealed Word of God, but rather the social gospels. All the left needs now is to abolish free speech and the second amendment, and the Republic is finished.

We suggest that you follow the old Boys Scout Motto: Be Prepared!

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