“Never Trumper”Galloway Exposed Again…

We were asked why we still call the Lake County Auditor and Chairman of the Concord-Painesville JEDD, Mr. Chris Galloway, a “Never Trumper” when he said that he voted for Trump? If people are making decisions based on what a politician says without doing any research, then we are really in deep trouble.


First, a little bit of history:

For the uniformed, the former “Weakest of the Weak” Presidential candidates, Mitt Romney, hates President Trump, and would not vote for any initiative that Trump favors.


Former Ohio Governor, John Kasich, would not even attend the Republican National Convention in his own state back in 2016.


We will let the Court of Public Opinion decide if Chris Galloway is a “Never Trumper”. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…allow us to present Exhibits A and B, sent to us by sources, for your consideration and judgment. The ruling is final without the chance of an appeal to the 11th District Court.

Galloway reveals his true loyalties when he heaps praise on the possible future Democrat Party Presidential Candidates.

If you think these actions are unseemly, just wait until we expose the shenanigans of the Concord-Painesville JEDD led by Mr. Chris Galloway. It is quite shameful the way they have treated people with disabilities, and seniors that are afraid to attend meetings because of the fear of CoVid-19. We have told the JEDD Board that we will expose them, so they cannot say they were blindsided. Mike Lucas, their lawyer may have to work overtime to cover their tracks. Stay tuned for our coming articles exposing those officials that will not be transparent with the Lake County taxpayers.


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  1. Didn’t he just say he was a “never Trumper” because he supported lyin Ted Cruz? Who’s lyin now????


  1. Galloway versus Shriver…Pulling Back the Curtain – Lobbyists for Citizens

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