John Plecnik Stands Up For Ohio Businesses

LFC Comments: We found the following letter on John Plecnik’s Facebook page. Mr. Plecnik sent a letter to Governor DeWine informing him that a shutdown of Ohio’s economy will devastate the small business owners. This letter was written when DeWine was contemplating shutting down the economy.

The Lake County Commissioners need to follow Mr. Plecnik’s lead. To date, the Commissioners have been reluctant to “cause a problem” for Governor DeWine and the Republican hierarchy. It appears that fund raising and their re-election is their overriding concerns. Very sad, inept representation in our opinion…We gave them a Republican majority for 4 plus years, and what have they done for the average citizen? The current Republican Party will not save our Republic. They have no conviction and are only motivated by money and power. The needs of the average citizen is of no concern.

John T. Plecnik

November 16, 2020

Dear Governor Mike DeWine,

Ohio cannot afford another shutdown. As you consider Ohio’s continuing response to COVID-19 and your pending announcement tomorrow, please remember the hardship our small business owners and their employees have already endured.

You asked our bars and restaurants—you asked our fitness centers—to invest in safety to stay open. They have done so. Visit any bar in Downtown Willoughby, any gym in Lake County, any restaurant in Lake, Geauga and Portage and you will marvel at the care our entrepreneurs have taken to keep their employees and all of us safe. They have spent their life savings, applied for grants and loans, and given their absolute all to stay afloat.

Over the past year, I have organized and participated in several business roundtables. I have dialogued one-on-one with restaurateurs and small businesspeople. They speak with one voice. No more shutdowns. And many add, if there is another shutdown, they will close for good.

Last week, you said “If the current trend continues and cases keep increasing, we will be forced to close restaurants, bars, and fitness centers”. We cannot afford that path. Today, you said “We don’t want to shut this state down. That has ramifications for mental health, it has ramifications for more drug addiction, overdoses. I mean, all these things go up when you shut the state down. And we do not want to do that.” I agree.

Rather than mandates, let’s trust Ohioans to make the right decisions for themselves and their families. Let’s remind those most at risk and those who feel unsafe that we all have the absolute right to abstain from restaurants or shelter at home as long as we choose. Yes, these are great personal sacrifices. But that is precisely why they must be a personal choice and not forced on anyone. Ohioans are tough. Working together, we will get there.

John Plecnik – Republican State Central Committeeman
Ohio Senate District 18


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