Declassify Hammer and Scorecard…the purge is happening

By T. Paine

Ann Vandersteel, an investigative reporter, is asking for help getting information out to American citizens. The mainstream media is not to be ever trusted.

They want President Trump to declassify Hammer and Scorecard and take the gag order off Dennis Montgomery. He built the Hammer and Scorecard software program for former CIA Director John Brennan.

She reveals again that Jim Comey sold the Hammer and Scorecard program to the Chinese for money so they could get involved and manipulate our elections.

Patrick Byrne, former owner of, stated that Nancy Pelosi’s laptop contains the Seth Rich file server.

Patriots are getting the truth out to the American citizens.

(highlight and select ‘go to’ the website)


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  1. You guys went from having a smoking gun to this??? Come on.

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