Lake County Emergency Broadcast System…testing on Wednesday, 1/13/21

As a public service announcement, LFC wants to let everyone in Lake County, Ohio know that there will be a siren test on Wednesday, January 13th at 11:00 am.

Here is the link to the Lake County website that provides information on the County’s emergency alert system.,to%20do%20during%20the%20emergency.

Excerpts from the website:

Outdoor Sirens

Lake County has installed an emergency alert outdoor sirens system to alert citizens of possible dangers such as chemical emergencies, natural and man-made disasters, and national security issues.

The sirens are tested at 11:00 A.M. on the second Wednesday in January, April, July and October.

Sirens will be sounded three times, and each three-minute sounding will be separated by a 30-second break. You also may be warned by loud speakers used by fire and police departments. When you hear the Emergency Siren follow these directions calmly-but immediately:

  • Go indoors, close all doors and windows.
  • Tune to local emergency information stations.  Follow broadcast information.
  • DO NOT call 911.  Such calls could hinder response activities.
  • Stay tuned to your radio or TV for further information.

Thanks to the News-Herald for the following information:

Courtesy of the Lake County News-Herald

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