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LFC Comments by T. Paine: Since the general public is not being told the truth by the main stream media, it is left to websites across the world to get the information out.

Here is a video by Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Danielle of Great Britain. They are updating the world on what is happening.

It is full of revealing information that you will not hear on the MSM.

(Numbers are the video time-stamp)
1:00 Declaration of War with China
2:44 Iran and Israel conflict mentioned
5:00 China versus civilized world
5:20 Taking down China’s nuclear weapons
6:00 Human trafficking
6:30 Underground city in China experimenting on people
13:50 Space weapons to be used / Same weapon used in Nashville
14:09 The brilliance of the plan / Now just a matter of flipping switches
15:20 How will message be sent to the world.

Executive Order 13959 was mentioned:

Excerpt from the article:

“US President Trump issued Executive Order 13959 (EO 13959 or the Order) on November 12, 2020, targeting securities investments that finance Communist Chinese military companies (CCMCs). Beginning January 11, 2021, the Order prohibits any transactions in (i) publicly traded securities of any CCMCs; (ii) derivatives of such securities; or (iii) securities designed to provide investment exposure to targeted securities.”

The following video occurred prior to the above video.

Simon Parkes reveals from Great Britain that “Q” is real, and the movement was established after the assassination of JFK!

(Numbers are the video time-stamp)
1:06 Trump has not resigned
2:20 Teams are in place
3:20 “Q” is real
4:30 “Q” movement began with the murder of JFK / There are 200 general involved
6:20 The real “Q” has not been seen
7:40 The peaceful transition will be from Trump to Trump, and he has the backing of the military
9:30 Special weapons are to be used in the next few days
10:25 Mainstream media has to be brought down


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  1. Let me guess…we have to continue to wait…again…

  2. Wait, is this the video where we find out JFK Jr. really is dead, and Vincent from Pittsburgh isn’t him??? I’m so excited! I can’t wait to find out.

  3. There is a warning online about Simon thinking he is the child of aliens.

    Perhaps it is put out by satan? Just asking if he has been vetted.

    God bless

    Terri Burling

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