Plecnik Wins Commissioner’s Seat…changing of the old guard

John Plecnik defeated Chuck Hillier in the race to fill the Lake County Commissioner’s seat vacated by the sudden departure of Jason Wuliger. The unofficial vote count was 79 – 52. There were a total of 135 eligible voters, so 68 votes were needed to be declared the winner.

Since the 68 vote threshold was met, that allowed the Executive Committee members so “wimp out” and vote “present”. One Executive Committee member did have the courage and voted for John Plecnik.

This vote showed a changing of the guard in local Lake County politics. The aging establishment supported Hillier, but they were all brushed aside. There is a new generation of Republicans that are ready to truly work for all of the people in Lake County.

The Kool Kids Klub took a hit tonight…they will be “crying in their beer” for quite some time.


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