Setting the Record Straight in Ohio…are you listening SCC?

LFC Comments: We received the following article from Ohio patriots.

In 1964, Ohio had 24 representatives in the House of Representatives, and in 2022 there will be 15 representatives. That is a 37.5% drop in our representatives. We are on the wrong path with the current Republican leadership. However, in our opinion, both political parties are morally bankrupt.


Setting the Record Straight

Written by: Jon Morrow
September 7, 2021

“The Ohio Republican State Central Committee 2021 – a short documentary of how this organization keeps Ohio solidly a purple state. This documentary explains how Republican SCC complacency and a lack of education of its member’s duties have wreaked havoc on Ohio’s economy and dealing with illegal opioid use and an explosion of human trafficking. The swamp at its finest.”

In my opinion, for too many years – the Ohio Republican SCC has played Kingmaker. In my opinion it has never worked out well for Ohioans.

A bunch of rich people and/or corporations buy an improper influence with the SCC – either directly or indirectly  – and in coordination with candidates- obtaining  just enough members on the committee to call the shots. Just because these people are successful – does not mean that they have the necessary skillset to make Ohio a success. These influenced members tend to work in their own best interests and not in the best interests of Ohio -or even in the best interests of the Party. They are normally appointees of a statewide candidate – an as such, they have a vested interest in the outcome of the election because they personally benefit from it. No matter how you slice it this is unethical and wrong.

Because, there is a lack of education among SCC members, the committee has become complacent, and this complacency has allowed Ohio to fall apart. No one really cares Ohio – just themselves – and the SCC pushes forward with liberal Republican rose colored glasses agenda. As our once great cities are mired with opioids, unemployment, and human trafficking – the chants that Ohio is better by the republican party elitist faithful – is falling on deaf ears by registered Republicans.

While our State is falling apart – they will say that “Ohio is a great place to do business” and “business has never been better!”  That is the same virtual world that socialists live in dreaming of their socialist utopia. Conservatism is not winning in Ohio. Endorsing Kasich for President due to peer pressure just demonstrates how out of touch Republican leadership is. Having a Republican Governor speak at the DNC convention. Having the ex-chairman of the SCC working for the Democrat Lincoln project is unforgivable. 

But of course peer pressure and self interest will cause you all to endorse DeWine, Timken, and all current statewide office holders – even as Ohio is set to become number one in opioid deaths by 2022 and number one in human trafficking by 2022.

That peer pressure is the swamp and it is out of touch with reality.

Critical Race Theory, Common Core, and Transgenderism is being taught to a new generation of Ohioans, one that the previous generation will find unrecognizable in just a few years – but hey! it is okay! because it is Republicans in charge of the brain-washing.

Below is a video that can be found on Youtube and Facebook that attempts to set the record straight. 

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