Stop higher taxes. Stop rezoning. Attend meeting March 1st.

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director
Thanks to a Concord resident for sending this information to us.


Do you want more rented duplex homes like this…

Duplexes in Concord Township on Concord Hambden Road

built across the street on Concord Hambden Rd., on land currently zoned for income-generating business property?

Concord Preserve (with Osborne-owned property) submitted a rezoning application that would take income-generating business property and rezone it to residential property to build rented duplex homes on six acres along Concord Hambden Rd., Rt. 608 (and possibly an additional 11 acres.)

Residential homes cost the township more money than they pay in property taxes, whereas business-zoned land generates more income than it uses.1-4 Reducing the amount of business property in the township can increase your taxes. Some misguided Concord officials, in the past, voted to rezone this land, but ultimately, the rezoning was defeated.

By working together, Concord residents can have our voices heard and demand we keep Concord a beautiful, low-tax community.

ATTEND the Concord Zoning Commission Public Hearing.

Ask them to vote NO on this rezoning.

Tuesday, March 1st at 7:00 at Concord Town Hall, 7229 Ravenna Rd.

Call Town Hall Zoning at 440-354-7506 and/or Contact the Zoning Commission Members:

Rich Iafelice, Andrew Lingenfelter, Rich Peterson, Hiram Reppert, Frank Schindler

After the Zoning Commission vote, the Concord Trustees will hear the case, possibly the end of March. Check Concord’s web page for the exact date. 

Call the Trustees: Carl Dondorfer 440-376-7534, Any Lucci 216-339-8113, Morgan McIntosh 440-749-1560

The Concord Zoning Commission and Trustees should do what’s right for the citizens of Concord, not what’s in the developer’s best interest.

Additional facts:

  • Concord Preserve has already built a row of 16 rental properties (eight duplex houses) across the street from the new rezoning request. And they recently bought the property, knowing it is zoned for business uses. 
  • Back in 2004, the expert who helped develop Concord’s Comprehensive Plan warned that Concord has only a small amount of business property and stated it ALL needed to be protected, and not rezoned, to keep taxes low. 
  • Residential property costs MORE than it generates in taxes, thus converting business land to residential land can increase your property tax.
  • Once hundreds of residential acres in eastern Concord are developed, this Concord Hambden business property will be even more sought after. If it’s rezoned for residential property now, it will never be converted back to income-generating property. It will forever cost the township more than it pays in taxes. 
  • The location of these rented duplex homes guarantees the loss of the semi-rural feel of Concord for all those who travel along Concord Hambden. Losing the semi-rural atmosphere can decrease your property value.

The Zoning Map and Proposed Lots to be Rezoned

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