Alfred Kinsey’s Bogus Research

LInda Goudsmit November 25, 2022  and website:

Dr. Judith Reisman, spent her entire professional career exposing the catastrophic societal effects of Alfred Kinsey’s bogus research on human sexuality. 

It all began with the sexual pervert, Alfred Kinsey, whose two books on male and female sexuality, declared that all children are sexual beings from birth. Kinsey’s “research” was done by pedophiles and miscreants attempting to normalize their own sexual perversions. Kinsey’s “research” was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Dr. Reisman exposed how young children and even babies were sexually abused and their screaming recorded as orgasms. The experiments are absolutely horrifying, but they are well-documented and true.

In the beginning, Dr Reisman could not understand why a monster like Kinsey was being protected, and lauded as a great forward thinker and father of the Sexual Revolution. It became increasingly clear to her, that Kinsey’s work was part of a far greater plan to collapse the morality and infrastructure of America. Dr Reisman explained the sequence and purpose of Kinsey’s protection: sexual perversions were normalized as “scientific” -> they became lawful and no longer considered “mental illness” -> once the perversions became lawful they could be taught in schools -> began sexuality education in schools, no longer sex education. 

It is difficult for the civilized mind to process such malevolence. Yet, the sequence continues. Biden’s executive order expanding Title IX to include gender, will continue to change laws and have enormous impact on society. Each incremental change is part of the war on America designed to breakdown the family, shatter norms, destroy traditional morals, and collapse America from within. Transgenderism is the latest mutation of Alfred Kinsey’s bogus research on human sexuality.