Antioch University Counseling Whistleblower

Linda Goudsmit / November 25, 2022  and website:

In case anyone still thinks the mental health community is about mental health, this courageous young whistleblower exposes how mental health workers are being trained as “agents of social change” and, like teachers, are grooming their own students and clients to be soldiers in a racialized, politicized, social justice war. The globalist enemies of America are establishing a closed information system in every academic sector of society, that grooms its graduates to become groomers.

The mission is no longer mental health, the curriculum is based on the ADDRESSING model – an acronym for:





sexual orientation


gender identity



These elements are quantified to determine the categories of marginalized or privileged, which then determines how the therapist is to interact with the client. If either is non-white, that automatically categorizes the individual as marginalized. This is happening in graduate level clinical applied psychology programs. Psychologists are taught to broach race within first session regardless of the presenting issue. They are taught to increase racial identity awareness – how you have been marginalized, or how you have been an oppressor. Antioch teaches social justice training classes, racial segregation, and is replacing word woman with the term AFAB (assigned female at birth) people with vulvas. Antioch also promotes concept of trans child – children can know from very early in life that they are trans, and the psychologist’s job is to help the child feel comfortable within their own trans bodies – not to discuss why they may be feeling that way or how too feel comfortable without drugs and surgeries.

Antioch recently instituted a civility pledge – a pledge to social justice ideology that the whistleblower will not sign. The professors are aware they are not training counselors who can work with Trump supporters. They are pathologizing opposing political views as mental health issues. The implications of this cultural takeover on mental health are enormous – it is a divisive, hateful ideology. She wants people to be aware of the seriousness, and to bring sanity back.




Antioch University Counseling Whistleblower

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