Lake County Planning and Development

Ohio is Aging….

The chart below is from the Center for Community Solutions.  It confirms what we have mentioned in previous posts that Ohio and Lake County are aging (not so gracefully).  We are committed to addressing the problem of increasing property taxes… Read More ›

NOACA…What is it?

The initials NOACA means the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency.  Here is a link to their website: There was a meeting in Chardon on Thursday so that NOACA could hear from Geauga residents. Our friends from were there and… Read More ›

A ‘Silver Tsunami’….looks like someone else sees the problem..

Thanks to Lobbyist 8192 for the heads up on the Cleveland Plain Dealer articles on the problems of housing for seniors….one answer is “tiny houses”… Here is a link to a website that deals with social issues: Tiny… Read More ›

Housing & Medicaid

Have you heard of “food insecurity” or “housing insecurity”?  It reminds us that there are many citizens living in Lake County and the State of Ohio having trouble getting “3 squares a day” and a “roof over their head”.  It… Read More ›

Port Authority Statistics

From the 2016 Port Authority Annual Report: Commercial Vacancies in Lake County – Rentable Buildable Area in Square Feet as of 9/30/16 Retail Space – 16,597,166 Industrial Space – 37,773,326 Office Space – 4,560,120 3rd Quarter 2016 Vacancy % (5%… Read More ›