Lake County

Geauga County Sheriff…gearing up

[LFC Comments:  Geauga County “gearing up” for violence moving into Geauga County.] Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this Maple Leaf article. Excerpts from the article: “Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand wants local law enforcement ready for a “show… Read More ›

BLM of Lake County

Here is some information on BLM in Lake County.  Start at the ~18:00 minute, and listen to Ms. Ferguson, leader of the organization.   They are planning to be in all cities, township and villages of Lake County.  The “Aurora” mentioned… Read More ›

BLM of Lake County

(LFC Comments: Thanks to a lobbyist for this information on the Black Lives Matter movement in Lake County.  We provide this as a public service announcement, and it should not be construed as agreeing with their demands placed on the… Read More ›

Corruption in the State of Ohio

(LFC Comments:  We received a lead today that started us researching the Attorney General’s and Auditor’s website regarding an on-going investigation for fraud.  You may be interested in past convictions.) *********************1776   Convictions Involving Auditor of State Since 2011 All… Read More ›