Lake County

Poll Workers Needed

Ohio Poll Workers Needed For In-Person Voting Because many of our seniors are still taking precautions and will not be working the polls, we are helping SOS Frank LaRose to recruit poll workers, assuring Ohio will have in-person voting. If… Read More ›

Geauga County Sheriff…gearing up

[LFC Comments:  Geauga County “gearing up” for violence moving into Geauga County.] Thanks to a Kirtland lobbyist for this Maple Leaf article. Excerpts from the article: “Geauga County Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand wants local law enforcement ready for a “show… Read More ›

BLM of Lake County

(LFC Comments: Thanks to a lobbyist for this information on the Black Lives Matter movement in Lake County.  We provide this as a public service announcement, and it should not be construed as agreeing with their demands placed on the… Read More ›