Lakeland Community College

LCC & the Coronavirus

(LFC Comments:  We received this message from one of Kirtland lobbyists.) Dear Lakeland Campus Community: As you know, the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Ohio and Lake County continues to increase, and unfortunately it was only a matter of… Read More ›

Lakeland’s Good News…the economy is too good

Lakeland Community College is spinning the “good news”….blaming a good economy for their drop in enrollment.  We wonder if the passengers rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic said:  “At least the music was good”? Just in… Read More ›

Mooreland Mansion…part 3

Here is a response from a Concord Lobbyist to our article on the Mooreland mansion. *********************1775 I just read the posts about Mooreland. A careful reading of the sign doesn’t seem to offer any exceptions to the photo prohibition.  Mooreland… Read More ›