Tax Levies

Information on proposed tax levies

Health and Social Services…how your property taxes are impacted

The Center for Community Solutions has generated a detailed, comprehensive report on property taxes funding social services. Here is an excerpt from the article that we found informative: “While all 50 states have property taxes, Ohio is unique in… Read More ›

JUST SAY NO!…applies to all counties

Here is a timely article from the patriots at,_JUST_SAY_NO_WHEN_YOU_VOTE_ON_NOVEMBER_5_ GEAUGA COUNTY SENIOR CITIZENS FACING HIGHER TAXES AND LIVING COSTS, JUST SAY NO WHEN YOU VOTE ON NOVEMBER 5 Published Saturday, November 2, 2019 For all the information in… Read More ›

W-E School Levies…

We had a request for information about the existing Willoughby-Eastlake School District’s  property tax levies.  Here is the Lake County Auditor’s Schedule A that provides the details. Please note that the school district likes the “emergency” levies because they are… Read More ›

W-E Schools…not nice to fool the public

We previously wrote about attending the recent Willoughby-Eastlake school board meeting. During the meeting, Superintendent Steve Thompson and the Treasurer discussed the need for the 4.99 mill, additional, current expenses, CPT, levy commencing with the 2019 tax year.  Here… Read More ›