Women Voters in Ohio

[LFC Comments:  We would highly suggest that women register to vote, and then actually vote.] Here are Status of Women reports for counties that follow Lobbyists for Citizens: Cuyahoga_SOW2019 Geuaga_SOW2019 Knox_SOW2019 Lake_SOW2019 Lorain_SOW2019 Portage_SOW2019 Tuscarawas_SOW2019

We The People…equal justice for all

Tom Z Explains in this short video why YOU Must take Action NOW To Demand Equal Justice: https://wethepeopleconvention.org/articles/TomZ-Explains-DEMAND-for-Equal-Justice-NOW https://wethepeopleconvention.org/articles/channel-19-live-coverage-of-tea-party-protest-at-fbi-office