Lake County Liberty Coalition Protests Heinens for Discrimination

On Saturday, April 17th, protests were held at Heinens at their Mentor and Willoughby locations by the Lake County Liberty Coalition patriots.

LFC spoke to Jeff Heinen and he confirmed that they do not honor the Lake County Health Department’s ruling that people with health issues are not required to wear masks. Mr. Heinen found it ironic that the Lake County Health Department is telling businesses what to do, but they, in fact, are closed to the public. [LFC comment: He has a point.]

Although Heinen’s does believe in customer satisfaction, they have a different theory about how to achieve it. Heinens focuses on employee satisfaction first and foremost, because it is their belief that a happy, satisfied employee leads to satisfied customer.

Heinens is bending to the will of their employees, who have put tremendous pressure on the employer to mandate that all customers wear masks. The 24/7 fear mongering of the legacy media and our corrupt politicians has intimidated Heinen’s employees and their families. They have lost their critical thinking skills, and have bought into the lies, deceptions and betrayals.




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