Tabitha Korol

File Under Factitious

[LFC Comments: Perhaps the recent agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates will signal a new peaceful direction for the Middle East. President Trump should get the accolades, but we know that will never happen because of the lies… Read More ›

Diverse and divided

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Tabitha for another very fine article.  Just like everything the communist left touches “diversity” now has a new meaning. You must fit their definition of “diversity” or you will cancelled from society.] ***** Diverse and divided… Read More ›

All Lies Matter…

  [LFC Comments: It seems that the rewriting of history is becoming commonplace.  It is done to deceive and to fit some group’s agenda.  To us, truth matters, and we do not get to have our own “truths”. John 8:32… Read More ›

Lessons for Liberators

Lessons for Liberators   by Tabitha Korol     “A Little Piece of Ground,” by Elizabeth Laird, is a propagandist book available to all children in many libraries across the country.  It concerns 12-year-old Karim who lives in Ramallah, historically… Read More ›

Smokescreen on Samaria

Smokescreen on Samaria by Tabitha Korol Islamists use our country’s laws and multicultural activism to transform our public libraries into venues for spreading Islam. The indoctrination includes stories that skew the truths and conceal their violent history.   William Sutcliffe’s The… Read More ›

The Flames of Envy

The flames of envy   By Tabitha Korol August 15, 2018 The achievements of others can either inspire us to excel or foster envy that brings destruction. The choice is ours and the Islamic world has chosen the latter. The so-called… Read More ›

PBS, the un-American classroom

(LFC Comments:  Tabitha keeps spreading the truth.  We are under attack from so many evil forces around the world.) *********************1776 PBS, the un-American classroom   By Tabitha Korol July 21, 2018 Soon after the horrific bombing of the World Trade Center,… Read More ›

Dr. Handel Mishandles…

Dr. Handel Mishandles by Tabitha Korol The defensive wars won by Israel against four invading countries negate the accusation of occupation, but writers on are not required to support their indictments and inaccuracies., based in Los Angeles, despite… Read More ›