Community Activism

CARES Act funding…

LFC Comments: We have been asked by several citizens to look into the CARES Act money spent by the local Lake County jurisdictions. Citizens want to know if the politicians are being good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. Here is… Read More ›

Poll Workers Needed

Ohio Poll Workers Needed For In-Person Voting Because many of our seniors are still taking precautions and will not be working the polls, we are helping SOS Frank LaRose to recruit poll workers, assuring Ohio will have in-person voting. If… Read More ›

Radio Marathon September 5th

George Cstary has sponsored a radio marathon for Saturday, September 5th. The secret of happiness is freedom.  The secret of freedom is courage…………Thucydides The Labor Day Radio Marathon (Saturday – September 5, 2020 1pm to MIDNIGHT) is broadcast live out of… Read More ›