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Common Core…designed to create failure?

(LFC Comments: Thanks to for passing along this article on Common Core.) *********************1776 //,_BUT_IS_VERY_SUCCESSFUL_IN_CREATING_FAILURE! COMMON CORE IS A DESIGNED ABJECT FAILURE, BUT IS VERY SUCCESSFUL IN CREATING FAILURE! Published Wednesday, January 8, 2020 By Joseph V. Mestnik | Liberty News… Read More ›

LGBTQ and public schools…so what are your community standards?

(LFC Commetnts: Thanks to Donna Garner for this article on the LGBTQ issue.) 12.16.19 – MassResistance “New Hampshire MassResistance parents force school district to turn back horrible transgender policy” Fighting hard can overcome a stacked deck! [COMMENTS FROM DONNA… Read More ›

Ingratitude of the Immigrants…

Ingratitude of the immigrants Written By Tabitha Korol August 29, 2019 President Trump has been unarguably the most pro-Jewish, pro-Israel President we’ve ever had, surpassing George Washington, John Adams, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Truman. His stand against Iran (vociferous enemy… Read More ›