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Returning to Feudalism

Independence Day 2022 – Retuning To Feudalism by Tom Niewulis, Geauga County patriot July 4, 2022 ( Independence Day 2022 should be a grand celebration of our Liberties as secured by the Declaration of Independence. Yet, as I brought out… Read More ›

Canada Experiencing the Same Tyranny

“Action4Canada has been working to expose the agenda to sexualize our children since nearly the inception of this resource but many Canadians were not willing to do anything about it out of fear of being called homophobic or racist. It is time to change this. It’s time to get educated and take action.”…Tanya Gaw…Action4Canada

Men Without Chests

“This level of cowardice is astounding, even for a society that has done all that is possible to stamp out any display of courage and masculine virtue. That not one, single officer would disobey the most egregiously cowardly orders is still something truly shocking.”…Pastor Andrew Isker

A High Tech War

“The overall goal of war is to conquer and subdue a people. In the process of conquering, the enemy must be psychologically and physically broken to the point that they give up their will to fight and their will to assert self-determination.”…Patrick Wood

Defense of Self and STATE

“When we understand that there is no morality taught in schools or even from the pulpits how do we expect the citizens to understand that the Defense of Self and State are not only rights but moral obligations.”.l..Tom Niewulis

Murder Before Your Eyes

“There is NO outcry to return Christian prayer to schools. NO outcry to post the Ten Commandments back in schools. And sadly there is NO outcry to have Biblical pastors that know Foundational history in the context of the Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution teaching in seminaries-cemeteries or in the pulpits. “…Tomsaprime