Month: November 2017


We attended the Board of Directors meeting today.  Our initial impression is a well run governmental agency that operates with compassion for the citizens using their services. They passed their 2018 Budget…..$7.4 million for capital expenditures and $14..7 million for… Read More ›

Housing & Medicaid

Have you heard of “food insecurity” or “housing insecurity”?  It reminds us that there are many citizens living in Lake County and the State of Ohio having trouble getting “3 squares a day” and a “roof over their head”.  It… Read More ›

Chain migration explained

You have probably heard of chain migration.  The objective of our immigration laws where changed by Congress in 1965 from “merit based system” that allows for assimilation to one of “family reunification”. Here is an article by the Federation for… Read More ›

Unrig the Economy

I attended a meeting sponsored by  Americans for Prosperity at Landerhaven today.  Their keynote speaker was Ohio Senator Rob Portman.  AFP’s five principles of tax reform are: Simple – Lower rates – Fewer Deductions – Eliminate Loopholes, Exemptions, or Deductions… Read More ›