Linda Goudsmit

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Israel Pays Dr. Fauci $1 Million

More recently, however, a clearer case of a violation of the Emoluments Clause has occurred, but no one in the media thought-control establishment has said anything about it. The issue is a $1 million prize awarded by the Israelis to Dr. Anthony Fauci last month for “ ‘speaking truth to power’ during the politicized COVID-19 crisis.”

The Freedom to Think…Like Us

Biden’s ascension to the presidency has institutionalized the cancel culture movement. But that’s not all. The foolish cancel culture devotees are participating in their own destruction. There is no place for dissent in the globalist plan for planetary governance.
…Linda Goudsmit

President Trump Supporters Are Not Domestic Terrorists

Trump supporters are overwhelmingly constitutionalists who want to preserve the United States of America as a constitutional republic. Trump supporters embrace American principles of equality and individual rights. Trump supporters reject the tyranny of globalism, socialism, Marxism, Chinese communism, and political corruption on both sides of the aisle that continue to weaken our country. Trump supporters are patriots, not insurrectionists or supremacists