Month: December 2019

Open Meetings Act…Ames has it wired

(LFC Comments: Thanks to the patriots at for this remarkable  article detailing the legal victories of Mr. Brian Ames, the amazing pro se litigant from Portage County.  Ames is making history and case law.) A LOCAL CHAMPION OF… Read More ›

State of Ohio Upside Down…brother, can you spare a dime?

(LFC Comments: Thanks to a Kirtland Lobbyist for this article.) Ohio Gets A “D” For Its State Finances A new analysis reveals that Ohio’s state financial condition has improved slightly. By Truth in Accounting, News Partner Sep 24, 2019 5:48… Read More ›

LGBTQ and public schools…so what are your community standards?

(LFC Commetnts: Thanks to Donna Garner for this article on the LGBTQ issue.) 12.16.19 – MassResistance “New Hampshire MassResistance parents force school district to turn back horrible transgender policy” Fighting hard can overcome a stacked deck! [COMMENTS FROM DONNA… Read More ›