Property Tax Legislation…who has our back?

(LFC Comments: is on top of their game…pointing out what is happening in other states regarding property taxes while the Ohio legislators fail to see how seniors are being priced out of their homes with ever-increasing property taxes.

pulling back the curtainNote to all of our State legislators:  People are waking up to what is happening, and see you bowing to the special interest school lobbyists with no regard to the impact your actions have on seniors.  Your votes will have consequences..we are spreading the word throughout the State!,_CHARTER_SCHOOL_FUNDING,_MINOR_LEAGUE_BASEBALL_

(LFC Comment:  Look at how this Pennsylvania State Senator is recognizing the property tax problem and doing something about it.  Other than Ohio’s State Representative Derek Merrin (47th District), we do not see ANY state rep. or senator taking any initiative to help Ohio’s seniors!)

(One caveat to be fair – State Rep. Callender (District 61) did vote for Merrin’s legislation on simplifying the property tax ballot language, and no doubt, took flak from the school lobbyists.  However, we would really like to see him leading on this issue.)

TAX BREAK: PA. Sen. Mario Scavello, R-Scotrun, who has previously championed legislation that would eliminate the state’s property taxes, announced that he intends to introduce a bill to give seniors making less than $60,000 a year a $5,000 property tax break.

“Property taxes continue to rise at an alarming rate and senior citizens are among our most vulnerable populations, given that they are on fixed incomes,” Scavello wrote in a memo to his Senate colleagues. “As has been said before, no tax should have the power to leave you homeless. Furthermore, no citizen should be forced to choose between paying for food, medicine, or their school property tax bill.”

(LFC Comments: Sen. Scavello gets it!  We wished he lived in Ohio.

We favor legislation that would eliminate seniors and those on full disability from paying property taxes for schools.  If the younger generations want to support the current public education system that is destroying our country, then let them pay for it.  We do not want to pay for the dumbing down of American children, or destroying our culture.

Former Lake County Commissioner Dan Troy, now a candidate for State Representative (District 60) , is the only local politician that we know that is at least aware of the looming crisis of increasing property taxes on seniors, and those on fixed incomes.  However, we judge our politicians on their actions and not just their words.

Note to Dan Troy: If you care to reach out to us, and give us your specific ideas and plans regarding Ohio’s property taxes and seniors, we will gladly give you a forum to get your message out to the people in your district.)

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  2. Brian, this is a great article that I would like to add the following; I am a very fortunate senior living in Concord Twp. My “ income “ is higher than the $ 60 K mentioned in your article, however the “ income “ is my life savings earned from 50 years of working . Property taxes , none the less are eating into those savings. My property taxes in Concord Twp. Have risen 31% since 2015 ! And I live in a condo that I don’t even own the land . Keep up the good work, the politicians have no clue of the pain they are inflicting on property owners, seniors or not.
    Bob Sanderson

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