The Communist Lie of the Environmental Movement

The fact is, none of this has anything to do with protecting the environment, uplifting poor minorities, or promoting Christian faith. The purpose of it all is to promote an agenda of submission to an all-powerful global control, as it destroys our economy, system of government, and freedom of choice for our own lives.

Abolish the Department of Education

Today, the majority of students in the public school system are being increasingly dumbed down by the “education” they are receiving. The radical, left-wing education reform — with its anti-American, amoral ideologies continues its march in public schools, leaving parents no choice but to get their kids out of the public school system.

Graphene Oxide…and 5G

The most important take-away about the graphene oxide injections(and exposure to graphene oxide in PCR test swabs, surgical facemasks, and flu vaccines, is that  the body will eliminate graphene oxide naturally within about 6 months’ time.